The shawl, maybe one of the biggest inventions of Mexican History, has remained throughout time not only as an embellishing and functional garment but also as an iconic tradition and as a symbol of Mexico.

Tenancingo,  which native name means “fortified place”, is a municipality in the State of Mexico, this town is internationally renowned due to the elaboration of shawls, even the coat of arms of Tenancingo roots this tradition having in the down-right quarter a plain cotton string cone representing the textile essence , especially that of the shawl.

In “La Murallita,” Mr. Crispiniano López founded one of the most important workshops dedicated to the weaving of this product; such workshop has been as well the guardian of the secrets of one of the richest traditions in the country: THE TEXTILE.

Later on, Hermilo López Aguilar, Crispiniano López’s son, continued with his excellent works of craftsmanship as an effort to maintain the most traditional techniques related to the manufacturing of shawls. Not only he achieved the goal of keeping the tradition alive but he was also able to give to this work national and international fame, especially with the “técnica de reservado” (knotting technique) or IKAT, which consists of tying knots at intervals to dye the fabric afterwards, creating in this way, a numberless quantity of designs just as the pomegranate arch, the bell design, the black and white, the nail design, the double labour, the medio azteca, among many others.

Nowadays, the workshop is led by the founder’s grandson, Hermilo López Izquierdo, who is constantly working in the innovation of products, designs and colours, always taking into account the tradition and origin of the handcrafted techniques.


To present the shawl as a high quality and sophisticated garment in order to achieve its prevalent, use making it attractive for the young market.


To maintain the high quality, innovation and beauty standards to achieve a continuous and effective continuance in the national and international market through the insertion of innovative garments aimed to different markets, always taking into account the origins and the tradition of the handcrafted techniques.

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